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Zisk Shaping Future of Proptech_Image

How Zisk Properties is Shaping the Future of PropTech?

Zisk Properties aims to lead the 4th Industrial Revolution within the Property Industry through use of latest technologies and data.

Zisk Properties is an intuitive company that operates at the forefront of the PropTech movement, eliciting 4th generation Distributed Ledger Technologies, together with a myriad of evidence-based tools and techniques, to curate unprecedented investment opportunities in the Real Estate Market

With an aim to solve the problem of illiquidity (i.e. the inability of an asset to be “easily sold or exchanged for cash without substantial loss” (Majaski, 2019, par. 1)), a notion that is widely correlated with properties when viewed as a medium of investment; Zisk Properties navigates ongoing disruptions to provide convenient property investment solutions that ensure the supplementation of wealth creation activities.

Javed Khattak, CEO, Zisk Properties

“With an emphasis on integrity, reputability, and excellence as core values, the mission of Zisk Properties is to bring, the best of the Property Investment Markets to our Investors in the most efficient and user-friendly way possible.”

Javed Khattak

CEO, Zisk Properties

Mapping the Major Elements

Zisk Properties makes use of the crowdfunding business concept, whereby you raise capital in small amounts from different investors to fund ventures, in this case property. For as little as £100, any aspiring individual* can become an investor and build a diversified property investment portfolio.

This is because the property listings currently available are all divided into much smaller and affordable units or shares that ensure a low barrier of entry for newcomers, augmented by a specifically designed user experience of its platform that is minimalistic and easy to use.
The entire funding structure is approved and registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”), the UK’s financial regulator, permitting the company to present prime investment opportunities to its members through its investment portal.

Property Listing_1
One of the many worthwhile properties up for grabs

But this was just the FIRST STEP,

The success attained over the course of three years, in both the local and global property “arena”, shall be reinvested into research, design, and implementation of state of the art PropTech technologies that shall ensure:

Transparency of Transactions
Scalability of Operations
Automation for Efficiency and Reduction in Errors
Fast Throughput
Fair and Smart Contracts
Secure Decentralised Systems

A multipronged strategy, developed through various transdisciplinary and scholastic approaches, has been devised by Zisk Properties to address three fundamental elements of the PropTech movement – ConTech, Shared Economies, and FinTech.

Interdisciplinary Variants_PropTech
Fig 7. The Venn Diagram of PropTech and Fintech Industries, Source : Andrew Baum via PropTech 3.0 : The Future of Real Estate, University of oxford Research



ConTech is the use of revolutionary technology within the construction industry for improvements. Although the discipline of ConTech has been given less attention than other PropTech variants, Zisk Properties has been experimenting with cutting edge digital solutions in the construction industry for a while. 

The company is also heavily vested in reviewing the potential of various technological modalities, such as quantum computing and machine learning, and the manner in which they can be systemised and deployed to enhance productivity and scalability of ongoing operations. In some cases, it leads to a complete overhaul and a consequential revamp; in others – a cycle of reiterative transformation management procedures.


Shared Economies and Properties

Already utilising the crowdfunding platform as a means for allowing physical assets to be shared as services, the theology and practicability of the principles of Sharing Economies are very near and dear to Zisk Properties. 

The future that is being worked on by the company necessitates that a decentralized market of contracts is established on the basis of community connection that is able to mitigate “hyperconsumption” – safely, securely, and transparently (Rinne, 2019, par.3). 

Furthermore, it is the concept of sharing economies that propels the respective organisation to engage in philanthropic and pro bono activities such as, educating the masses and guiding the deprived and vulnerable segments of the society. A particular focus of Zisk Properties in the long term is the empowerment and holistic wellbeing of women, children, and societies.


FinTech’s influence on PropTech

PropTech is a result of the hybridisation of financial studies with technological sciences. That is the simplest way to explain how FinTech positively impacts PropTech. 

Currently, a transition towards decentralised record keeping is in progress wherein the services of multiple platforms are being gauged and tested upon. 

After concluding the creation of smart contracts on the DLT of choice, interoperable and scalable employment of the Internet of Things, in tandem with AR/VR, would be the next step.

Consumers expect data from consumer goods… When that transposes into how they buy houses… it’s going to have a profound impact and I think the industry has got to put effort into catching up with that because the expectations are already high and it’s coming for them.

Neil Thompson, Head of Digital Research and Innovation – Balfour Beatty (RICS, 2016)


Planning the Future

It is data that we are the most concerned with and always shall be. It is what drives us at Zisk Properties, feeding our curiosity and enabling us to devise tailor made strategies that allow the display of excellence in each and every facet there is of the PropTech industry. It is what allows us to stay close to the needs of our investors and the society.

However, we also need to be realistic, accepting that we live in an era of data deluge – over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day currently and over 90% of World’s Data has been created over the last 5 years (DOMO, 2019)

Our capabilities to analyse data is nowhere near our aptitude to produce it. Therefore, Zisk is passionately involved in working with other experts and like-minded organisations to solve such problems prevalent in the industry. 

To exemplify this, Zisk Properties accepted the invitation from ING, a Dutch multinational banking and financial services corporation, to explore the future of the PropTech industry (notable participants included not only ING but some other big players including Rightmove).

Zisk Properties has a lot of plans for the future, planning to propel the future of PropTech in the UK and globally, becoming the market leader. However, we are realistic that we are not able to do this alone – your support and key partnerships with market incumbents and other ambitious startups is crucial. Unfortunately, due to confidentiality, we aren’t able to share more details at this stage – so this is a case of wait and watch!



In order to make sure that the sector of property is optimally capitalised by the tools and technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution, Zisk Properties has assembled a battle-hardened team comprising gritty veterans and experts who are not afraid to explore the impossible. With your support, we can work collectively towards a prosperous future based upon mass consensus and economic prosperity. We invite you to join us in our shared quest to make investing in properties – great again!

* who qualifies as per the FCA requirements of the different type of investors (Sophisticated, High New Worth or Restricted/Simple)  


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