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Zisk Properties is proud to announce the launch of our new platform which showcases our entry as a major player in the UK property market. To quote the CEO of Zisk Properties, Javed Khattak:

Javed Khattak - CEO Zisk Properties
Javed Khattak – CEO Zisk Properties

“Zisk means a lot to me. More than anything else, it is a passion project. From our humble beginning to where we are today – on the verge of substantial growth and genuinely exciting new investment offerings – I couldn’t be more proud.”



Our platform sports a clean and easy-to-use user interface, with simple navigation that takes you anywhere you want to go in seconds. With Zisk, you can easily start building a risk-diversified portfolio of property investments for as little as £100. These can be bought and sold at your leisure, without going through property agents and lawyers or filling out tons of paperwork.

Browse for properties, select investment amounts, and invest, in just a couple of minutes. We allow you to invest each month so that you can save up and meet any financial goal that you may have. You can save up for a dream vacation; to pay off student loans; to buy a car, or to have some extra money available for a rainy day. You can also diversify your investments, by investing small amounts in different properties so as to minimise risk.

What’s more, when you invest a minimum of £30,000, you get our Zisk Premium Service, which includes,

  • Personalised service to facilitate you building a risk-diversified portfolio that matches your investment goals1.
  • Early access to new features and services.
  • Up to 48 hours of priority access to all new properties before they are listed on the platform,
  • Your own Premium Account Manager
  • Access to Zisk Premium Events

We, at Zisk Properties, want to thank you all for your support thus far. And now, we are excited about our new platform launch and the prospects that 2019 presents to us.

Visit www.ZiskProperties.com, and join the journey we are all very excited to be on.https://www.ziskproperties.com/



These are opinions of Zisk Properties and are not to be considered as any form of advice including investment advice.

1 Zisk Properties does not provide any form of advice (including financial, legal or tax advice) only. The premium service simply provides easier access to the information already available on our platform through your Premium Account Manager.

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  • M Shah
    April 29, 2019 at 11:49 am

    nice and great work! Well Done Zisk

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