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Frequently Asked Questions

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When you invest in a property with us, you essentially buy a beneficial interest in the property that is proportional to the amount you originally invested in it. Your investment will also entitle you to receive a portion of the rent (if the property is tenanted). For those of you who would like a more technical explanation, please refer to our Investor Terms for details.

Zisk Properties owns each property through legal ownership of the Special Purpose Vehicle (“SPV”) which holds the legal title of the respective property. When you invest in a particular property, you will be assigned a percentage of the beneficial interest of that property (as per our Investor Terms), which is recognised by and enforceable under the UK law as well as meets the requirements as laid down by the Financial Conduct Authority for our registration.

Each investment transaction must be at least £100.

To invest with Zisk, you will need to complete our 2-minute sign up process. As part of this, you will need to:

1) select a suitable investor classification as you must be either a high net worth individual, a self-certified sophisticated investor or a restricted investor. You will be provided with details of each during the sign-up process.

2) provide a proof of identity and a proof of address. These will be used to complete standard AML checks.

Once the sign-up process is complete, you can invest in any of our properties.

Even though we aren’t able to commit to a date, we are working hard to launch this service as soon as possible. Once this service is live, you will be able to put your investment or a part of it up for sale through your Dashboard on our website. If another investor is interested, they can purchase your investment directly on our website in a matter of minutes. Please note that the sale of your investments using this service cannot be guaranteed.

Your share of the beneficial interest in a property is simply calculated by taking your investment value in that property and dividing it by the total value of the investment opportunity. Example, if the investment sought for an opportunity on the website is £120,000 (noting this will be built up of the actual property selling price and other items e.g. transaction costs - please refer to Investor Terms for details) and should you invest £12,000, you will have a beneficial interest of 10% in the property.

Simply complete the sign-up process including declaring the type of investor you are. Once your account is verified, you can invest online in any of the properties available in a matter of minutes.

No, you only profit if the property price increases which is dependent on many factors. In addition, the property prices may go up as well as down and so your capital is at risk. Please refer to our Key Risks for more details.

They are simply our opinion based on the information we were either provided with by external parties and/or we were able to estimate based on our due diligence and research. We do not guarantee any returns and encourage you to seek independent advice as is appropriate for your circumstances. In addition, we recommend you conduct your own due diligence before making each investment as you are investing at your own risk.

The key difference is that investing in properties with us means you buy a beneficial interest in the property (as explained above) providing you with beneficial ownership rights for that property (as per our Investor Terms) whilst if you bought a property outright, you will become the legal owner of it with your name on the title deed. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, e.g. buying a property outright requires a large sum of cash, working with estate agents and long drawn out processes due to extensive paperwork and sometimes chains. While investing in properties with us provide certain additional benefits including being able to invest in just a few minutes and from small, flexible amounts across different properties allowing you to diversify your risks while we do all the hard work (see our Benefits section for further details).

Yes, every investment has various risks associated with it and investing in properties with us are no exception. Your capital is at risk as property prices can go down as well as up. While your investments are backed by physical ‘bricks and mortar’ property assets and we take all reasonable steps to minimise risks as far as possible, you are ultimately investing at your own risk. As a result, we encourage you to seek independent advice as is appropriate for your circumstances and conduct your own due diligence before investing with us.

The rent is divided equally between all the investors (or beneficiaries) of the property after deduction of any expenses and fees. So, you will receive your share of this net rent which is estimated as the proportion of the beneficial interest of the property you have invested in e.g. if you have a beneficial interest in 10% of the property, then you will receive 10% of the net rent.

Yes, excluding any exceptional circumstances and as long as the property is listed as available on our website, you can invest in any of our properties.

We are a UK based company (company number: 11328383) and registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) as a small Alternative Investment Fund Manager (Registration number: 809020). The FCA is the independent watchdog that regulates financial services.

Your Dashboard will show details of each property you invested in, including your investment amounts, the performance of each your investments and your transaction history.