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Winner 2019 Best Property Investment Platform by BUILD

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Registered by the Financial Conduct Authority as an AIFM


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A property purchased for £500,000 would be worth £804,258
in 5 years  


Hand-Picked Investments

Exciting property investment opportunities with high potential and competitive fees.

Invest in Minutes

Browse to select a property and the amount you want to invest and click “Invest”.

Diversify for Lower Risk

Benefit from diversification by investing in different properties to reduce your risk.

Monthly Income

Our rented properties can provide you with an additional source of income.

Save for a Dream

Invest each month to start saving for anything you want.

Sell Easily (COMING SOON)

Put your existing investments up for sale quickly and at any time.

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Join the Zisk Premium Service when you invest a minimum of £30,000
  • Your very own premium account manager, who can be contacted via email or telephone.
  • Priority access to new properties, up to 48 hours before public listing
  • Access to Zisk Premium Service events
  • Early access to new features and services

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