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19.8% P.A. PROFIT*

*The weighted average annualised return across our Unit Investments Property Portfolio from beginning to March 2018. Note that past performance may not be a reliable indicator of future performance.

Buy Units for Rs 250,000 now and Rs 25,000 per month and receive Rs 9,028,465 in ten years

Innovative property shares from just Rs 1,000

Our unit-investment opportunity is a game-changer for people who want a quick, easy, and affordable way to invest in properties. The ownership of each property is divided into Units, similar to investing in company shares. For as little as Rs. 1,000 per Unit, you can start building a risk-diversified portfolio of Property Units, which can be bought and sold at your leisure and without the hassle of dealing with estate agents. Just select the property you want to invest in and then buy Units online or give us a call and we'll walk you through it.

Attractive Profits

The best property investment opportunities producing profitable returns for you, some as high as 50% - all for a small fee.

Monthly Income

Units in rented properties will provide you with an additional source of regular income.

Instantly Buy or Sell

Buy or sell your property Units in just minutes. 1) Browse properties 2) Select "Units" 3) Buy (or sell).

Save for Your Own Home

Invest in our property Units each month to save for your own home, the easiest way to buy your own property.

Global Investment Opportunities with Lower Risk

Buy Units in properties worldwide, including the UK, UAE and Pakistan and benefit from diversification for lower risk.

Invest Like an Expert

With our unique tools like Zisk Dashboard and Zisk Expert Opinion, even with no expertise, you can invest like a Pro.

Buy, sell or rent "whole" properties

We can help you with any aspect of properties, including:

  • buying a property as a new home
  • investing in whole properties for capital appreciation or for rental income
  • have your property portfolio fully managed including rental
  • finding a property to rent
Our global reach, resources, and connections enable us to provide you with the most incredible opportunities and service.

Premium Estate Agency Services

We focus on providing top quality services to you through our inhouse property experts, lots and lots of research, global reach and professionally trained staff.

Competitive Fee

While we provide premium services, we aim to charge competitive fees to ensure you get the most value for your investment.

Buy or Invest Like a Pro

Make the best choice with Zisk Expert Opinion, your own unique summary board and our free professional advice service.

Sell or Rent Properties

Sell or rent quickly, securely and for the best price through our Estate Agency's web platform. You can even sell a fraction or part of your property.

We Do All the Hard Work

The best deals, negotiations, paperwork, stakeholder management, finding tenants - we take care of everything.

Global Investment Opportunities

You can easily and reliably, buy, sell or rent properties worldwide, including the UK, UAE and Pakistan.

Investor Testimonials

People love Zisk Properties
Shama ParveenHousemaid, Karachicase study

Zisk helped me at a time when all hope seemed lost for me.

Invested Rs 602,000 in Aug 2016 and 15,000 per month to receive Rs 1,232,452 in Apr 2018
Amir MarwatSales Officer at CENRJY Pharmaceuticals, Karachi case study

I thank Zisk who have enabled us to buy our own home and make my parents proud. Thank You Zisk Properties! March 2018

Invested Rs 600,000 in Dec 2015 and Rs 30,000 per month to receive Rs 2,134,528 in Mar 2018
Irfan UllahStudent, Karachi case study

Zisk consultants have guided me well, helped me understand the benefits of investing in properties. Very happy and very excited. Thanks.

Invested Rs 110,000 in Mar 2017. The value of his investment was Rs 172,480 in Apr 2018
Khurram ShahzadBusinessman,Karachi case study

Zisk Properties is a reliable and transparent platform with a great team.

Invested Rs 3,000,000 in June 2017. The value of his investment was Rs 3,487,401 in Apr 2018
Imaad AsadCo-Founder at Home Allure, Copenhagen

Very friendly and trustworthy people. Would highly recommend.

Invested Rs 250,000 in Feb 2017 and received Rs 277,628 in Oct 2017
Badar ZamanCo-Founder at Home Allure, Copenhagen

A new and amazing idea to protect your money. Banks or any other option can not provide the benefits of property. Good ZISK…!

Ammar MorawalaAssistant Manager at Ernst & Young,Karachi

Good property investment options with affordability. I bought several Units. The price has already started growing with a low fee. Highly recommended service :)

Invested Rs 500,000 in Jan 2017 and 50,000 per month. The value of his investment was Rs 1,442,507 in Apr 2018
Ayesha FatimaBiotechnology Student,Karachi

It's a great place to invest. Gives you surety for the safety of your money. After investing in Zisk Properties, there is no need to worry about your money. It's in safe hands.

Invested Rs 50,000 in May 2016. The value of her investment was Rs 65,359 in Apr 2018
Ushna NadeemWomen's Studies Student,Karachi

A brand the brings UK type services to Pakistan and allows everyone to invest into properties."

Hammad HassanAssociate Project Manager at Retailistan, Karachi

A very new and innovative investment solution from reliable people that I personally know. Thumbs up and looking forward to my invested money growing further.

Sadia BibiStudent at Dar ul-'Uloom,Karachi

I had savings and used them to buy Units from Zisk. My money is now safely invested into properties. Good luck ZISK…!

Salman ShahzadGeophysicist Intern, Karachi

Zisk Properties offered a great money saving platform, which I used to grow my savings. Helpful team.

Invested Rs 250,000 in July 2017. The value of his investment was Rs 273,999 in Apr 2018
Zaakir KhanMedical Sales Officer, Karachi

I am a professional and an entrepreneur. Zisk Properties truly offers something new to help me and my family's future.

Mehreen GulHuman Rights Student & Worker, Karachi

I invested my savings into Zisk's property Units rather than investing into gold. As a result, I feel relaxed now.

Fahad IqbalStudent & Part-time Work at TASTY Foods, Rawalpindi

Never was one able to invest into properties from such small sums of money. The extra money I have saved up can now reap all the benefits from property investment. !!!

Invested Rs 15,000 in Dec 2016 and Rs 2,000 per month. The value of his investment was Rs 55,629 in Mar 2018

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