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Join thousands of investors to sign up to our advanced property investment platform.

Join thousands of investors to sign up to our advanced property investment platform.




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Investment in property is the may provide you with multiple types of returns. One of the most common ways of investing in property is purchasing a property directly for letting it out or for reselling it. With us, you can invest starting from as littles as £1,000 - thanks to our easy and straightforward crowdfunding platform in the UK allowing us to offer you researched investment opportunities.

You can choose an investment opportunity manually or you can also select from our investment plans. You just have to follow three easy steps for your investment. You can search for the properties (or the investment opportunity) and then select the one you wish to participate in. Our objective is to secure properties offering high potential returns for our investors. After you sign up, you can select from the investments we offer according to your risk appetite and the amount you want to invest.

We, at Zisk Properties, are offering you potentially attractive returns with an attractive fee structure.. All investments carry risk and you may get back less than you invest (please refer to Key Risks), Historically, between 1998 and 2018 UK property achieved an average 9.1 % per annum return. And as a reputable brand, you can trust Zisk Properties with your profit-oriented investment. Please note that past performance is no indicator for future performance and you should assess each investment opportunity on its own individual merits.

Investing with Zisk Properties is a simpler way to invest in property, without the complexities of purchasing a property directly. This helps our investors save time, avoiding the lengthy property purchase process.


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A qualified team with a proven track record to ensure Zisk Properties can deliver on its mission.

Javed Khattak

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Zafer Khattak

Co-founder & Chief Operations Officer

Adam Gent

Non-Executive Director

Valeriya Zaychuk

Business Development Director